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Aluminum Printing

Imagine photography that is brighter than a vivid memory, and more luminous than it is on your LCD display.

Aluminum printing is high definition, photographic imaging on aluminum using a unique imaging technology. The result is a depth and detail like what you’d see on HDTV, you absolutely need to see it to believe it! Pick any size from 16” x 20” up to 4’ x 8’. It arrives framed in anodized aluminum or frameless aluminum float mount option, ready to hang on your favorite spot on your wall.

Aluminum Finishes

The finishes are environmentally friendly and each offer a unique look of their own


White Aluminum
High Gloss

Features highly reflective properties, creating deep rich blacks and highly saturated colors, with an unmatched depth of field. So real it makes you feel like you can walk into the photo. Our most popular finish!


White Aluminum Satin

The seductive sheen gives your photos a softer feel, perfect for wedding and family portraits. Perfect when reflectivity is an issue.


Brushed Aluminum Satin

Photographs appear to glow as you move by the photograph. Light channels back from the sheer satin coating and deep brushing we put into the aluminum, creating a lifelike luminous effect.



Lightly Brushed
High Gloss

This one will blow you away! The light brushing of the aluminum can be seen through the sheer high gloss coating creating an almost 3D look to your photographs. This finish bounces light off the aluminum behind the image and enhances colors in a way you have never seen.


Anodized Aluminum Framing Options

Galleries love our framing, a very clean European look. Perfect for almost any home or office. Thetwo framing options add structural support to the imaged aluminum and they arrive ready to hang.

Pick from three aluminum molding color choices and choose between two hanging options, wire across the back of the frame or our flush mount hardware. Sizes up to 24" x 36" ship in an engineered corrugated box and sizes larger than 24" x 36" ship in a reusable wooden shipping crate.

Frame To Edge

Frame to Edge (Box Mount)

The imaged aluminum covers the front of the frame molding and meets the side of the frame for a very clean look. The thickness of the molding is 1 3/8" deep so your photographs are about 1 ½" off the wall.

Recessed Frame

Recessed Frame

The same anodized aluminum framing molding used on the frame to the edge, the molding is recessed 3" away from the edge which gives the appearance to be floating 1 ½" off the wall.

Brushed Satin Black Brushed Frosted Silver Brushed Grey Pewter


Security Mount Hardware

Security Mount Hardware

The security mount system locks the Photograph to the wall with brackets at the top and a locking T at the bottom for a high level of security and peace of mind for your fine art images.

Wire Hanging Hardware

Wire Hanging Hardware

There is also a traditional wire across the back of the photograph, with adjustable braces so you can change the location of the wire with ease.

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NEW! Frameless Brushed Aluminum Float Mount

This method uses a piece of brushed .050" aluminum bending the two outside edges to create a box like effect that mounts behind the imaged aluminum. It helps to add some structural integrity and helps to keep the aluminum flat. This option floats your photographs 1 ½" off the wall. It has a lasered hanging hole to help you find your nail on your wall and ready to hang right out of the engineered corrugated box.

Available in sizes from 16"x 20" up to 24" x 36"

Frameless Float Mount Lg

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