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Most everything inside can be produced as High Definition, high impact statement pieces, limited edition prints or large scale PhotoArt for commercial, corporate and public spaces.

Whether you're an interior designer, corporate art buyer or homeowner, if you have something specific in mind for you space I'm happy to discuss one of a kind commissioned PhotoArt.

Snethkamp PhotoArt. Funny name, serious photography.

So start exploring now.

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Guestbook for Snethkamp PhotoArt
Patrick VdN(non-registered)
Very impressive photo collection! I really enjoyed looking at ALL of them!
Gorgeous, evocative art! So glad I met you this morning. The snowy Pennybacker Bridge photo draws the eye toward the downtown towers by the placement of the tree and bridge. So many wonderful shots! I will share your site with our son, a photographer in Zürich. I know he will be impressed.
Yes, great pictures, Eric! So sharp and clear ... amazing!
Great pictures Eric!!!
Hey Eric!
Great photos! You got an eye similar to mine...only I wish I had more time to spend with nature, which is one of my favorite views through the lens. Keep it up! Until then, I'll be seeing YOU for more friendlier chats at the car wash and around Austin. :)